Tribal Leaders

Elder and youth come together in an exchange – the passing on of knowledge. The basket as a teaching tool as much an object of utility holds a seedling. The process of growth is circling behind representing the seasons to maturity. Rain clouds and storming depict growth and change. Cool clouds, calm, peace and confidence depict the elder’s years of practice and learned experience. In the stars above are ancestors from where the cycles of wisdom originate. J. Yazzie

Tribal Leaders Advance Sovereignty & Self-Sufficiency 

Tribal communities and regional economies benefit from the leadership and policy directives of tribal elected leaders. Traditional leaders and elders guide priorities and values that benefits all communities. Native professionals serving in the public- and private-sector represent Native perspectives in the fields where we remain under-represented. We welcome and invite tribal leaders and Native practitioners to dialog and action on increasing access to capital for building tribal economies by contacting our Executive Staff.

Listen to dialogs on tribal leadership and finance via the following VIDEO  or  PODCAST