Other Fees & Charges

Review & Pay Fees Here

If you are required to pay a fee prior to submitting an application, prior to or after your loan closing, your loan officer will review applicable fees with you directly.

Applicable fees may include:

  • Small Business Loan Application Fee: $500
  • Appraisal Fee: Determined by appraisal vendor and based on geography
  • Inspection Fee: Most inspection fees are included in construction loan proceeds – the loan officer shall confer with homebuyer if additional inspections are required.
  • Credit Report Fee: Minimum $40 per individual but generally determined with loan officer based on variable charges by vendor
  • NSF Fee: $35

Fees are subject to change and are updated at least annually based on vendor updates and market conditions. Please confer with your loan officer if you require a list of current fees and charges.

Be Advised: PayPal may impose additional fees that will result in a higher total payment amount. See HERE for more details.

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